Awesome kitchen designs...

At Level One we start off every kitchen renovation with a design. That way we can find out exactly what you want, provide you with 3D renders so you know exact what you're getting before build starts. Often times it's hard to envision the space without some kind of 3D model to help you. You'll get these 3D Renders during the design process. However, more importantly design is used to help plan your kitchen renovation. To build a car you need to design it first. Same thing goes with a kitchen.

Design & Discovery stage

The first step in the kitchen design process is determining your scope of work, budget, and timelines. During this stage you'll sit down and discuss design ideas. Once these kitchen ideas are determined our designer will create a preliminary design complete with layouts and renders. We recommend every client to start their search on Houzz to get kitchen design ideas.


Revision & presentation stage

Once a preliminary design is determined the next step is for you to provide feedback in terms of any changes that need to be made. Maybe you don't like the countertops. Maybe the cabinet color isn't what you wanted. At this stage we'll find out what we need to do to make your kitchen renovation perfect.

Decision & Approval Stage

At this stage we confirm all material choices. When you're happy with the countertop choice, cabinet finish, cabinet color, backsplash color, etc we'll be able to then present to you a forecast based on all the exacts. Because we have all specifications, measurements, and final finishes this forecast is an extremely accurate financial presentation of your project. Rather than giving you an estimate based on hypotheticals we give you a proposal based on exacts.

3D Rendering Technology

3D Rendering Technology allows you to see the vision of your space from space plan to material choice in a realistic 3D model. This takes the unknown out of the renovation process. Because now, what you see is what you get.