Laneway homes are soaring popularity among Vancouverites

Soaring in popularity, Laneway Homes have become a more attractive housing option among Vancouverites. However, faced with tougher than normal building requirements, planning and constructing a Laneway home can be a challenge. Here at Level One we do all the heavy lifting…both literally and figuratively. Originally, the Laneway housing project in Vancouver was initiated to increase the rental pool of available housing in Vancouver. But there are many more reasons why a Laneway home could be right for you!


With a Laneway home at the back of your regular house, the adjusted property value will appeal to buyers looking for investment housing, or a property that supports more than the standard rental property can provide!

Do you have kids that really need their own space, but just can’t move out? Or do you have older parents that need their own private space? Would you like to add cash-flow to your property on top of the regular rental space?

Whatever the reason, if you are considering a Laneway home, talk to the experts at Level One Construction! Laneway homes do require a bit more work, especially in terms of attaining all the required permits, planning, and construction. But our team of experts will help make the process as easy as possible, and you can rest assured the return on investment is excellent! Our goal is to ensure your project is built to code, on budget, and on time!

On Time

We create realistic timelines that are collaboratively created in order to meet your goals & help you build your dream home in a smooth process that allows you to take the time to make the best decisions whether its coming up with design ideas or picking materials.


We Provide a fixed cost budget that is tailor to the clients needs, wants & helps them get the most out of their investment. Our Fixed cost budget is determined in our design phase & we even handle material selection in this phase to accommodate any changes so that the budget is truly fixed the moment we sign off to build.

Built to Code

When making additions to one’s home, the idea of a permit quickly fades to the back of most people’s minds. But at Level One Construction, we know first hand why that’s not a good idea. In fact, in our twenty years of business says we have never done a job without a permit where it was needed.

Getting permits is one of the first things that should be on everyone’s to do list when planning to renovate. Permits ensure that your home renovation, addition, or new construction is built safely and to code.

Different municipalities have different rules on what is allowed and not allowed for a specific property. Customers working with Level One Construction can be assured that the correct permits will be pulled for their project.

In addition, Level One Construction is well experienced in all types of city restrictions such as the FSR, a ratio of how much square footage you are allowed to legally build/add to your house compared to your lot size.