The longer you live somewhere, the more you learn about its idiosyncrasies and potential. Debbie, Ian, and their 2 children lived in this 3,600 sqft home several years before starting the renovation. It helped them understand what they wanted to achieve and what areas of the house were most important to them. 

Born and raised in Vancouver, Debbie and Ian wanted a contractor that was local. Someone that grew up in the same neighbourhood as them. Someone that understood how to navigate the tricky landscape that was the City of Vancouver.  In 2013, Debbie and Ian contacted 5 companies  reached out to Level One but were too busy to take on a jobNow, that the kids are away from home, finished university, and education all payed for, John and Alice wanted to do something for themselves. It was time to get that dream kitchen they always wanted.

So, John & Alice turned to Level One Construction for help...