03 / 05

The Design


Making the kitchen the heartbeat of the space

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. It provides both physical and spiritual nourishment. Therefore, when we created this open concept layout we intended to make the kitchen the focal point of the room. We wanted it to be an experience every time Edward, Mary, and their four children step foot into their new kitchen.

As a result, we decided to use duo-color cabinetry and quartz countertops to give the kitchen a sense of luxury and prestige. To enhance this cooking experience we added a 10’ long island to the kitchen layout, which provided incredible counter space and additional seating for guests. The island featured pullout drawers, pullout doors, a wine fridge, and an under-counter microwave. More importantly, it was a comfortable space where the kids to do their homework. 

 To make cleaning a breeze we installed new 2’x2’ porcelain tiles in the kitchen and engineered hardwood-flooring throughout the rest of the space to make all the rooms look and feel integrated and continuous. All flooring was installed on top of existing radiant heating system. 

Opening things up

The goal of the renovation was to give Edward and Mary their dream space by creating an open concept for the entire main floor. This meant integrating the kitchen, living room, and dining room together by removing the supporting walls surrounding the kitchen. We wanted three separate spaces to become one open entertaining space.

Removing these walls allowed for natural light to travel throughout the space. To brighten up all adjacent spaces we replaced the bay window at the back of the house to a 6’ French door. Not only did it add a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to the space but it provided a visual bridge between the indoors and the outdoors. More importantly, this open floor created uninterrupted lines of sight so that Edward and Mary can watch the kids playing in the living room from the kitchen.